Leaves turning, trees bare, color on grass.


Please enjoy some photos. I took them this afternoon.

I don’t say much on this blog about who or where I am. My intention is to enjoy photography–and walking.  And to provide a sense of beauty that is universal. And possibly, maybe, to touch the minds and hearts of some readers.

But I must now say that this particular blog post and the next feature photos from the Japanese Friendship Garden in San Diego’s beautiful Balboa Park. I live nearby. A couple days ago I became a member of this garden. It’s a truly wonderful place.







If you’d like to see more colorful photos, visit my other blog Beautiful Balboa Park, or my main blog Cool San Diego Sights.

Thank you.


Living must be a pursuit.

Pursue beauty.
Pursue beauty.

Humans are mortal.  Our species is driven to survive.  We avoid pain and danger.  We gather comfort, security, food, a mate, social position, money.

During untroubled moments we banish our deepest–most difficult–thoughts.  So to allay boredom we golf, shop, watch television.

Through our short lives, that’s mostly what we do.

But certainly living should be more than escape from death or boredom.  I insist it be.

Living must be a pursuit.

The pursuit of what?

Wisdom?  Truth?  Greater compassion?


Beauty and its essence are the subject of this blog.  Join me.  What will we find?

Welcome to this tiny corner of the world!

smiley facez

Hello!  Good day!  How are you?

Thank you for checking out my new blog!

Perhaps you’ve arrived from my established blog, Cool San Diego Sights.  I have many friends over there!

Life is too short to ignore beauty.  Some might say that nothing in life is more important than beauty.

Beauty uplifts, ennobles what is common, opens our minds and spirits to deeper things.  Fortunately, our small world is overflowing with beauty.  (If the beholder has eyes for it.)

I will be dedicating this blog to photography and writing–two of my favorite hobbies.  I’ll attempt to frame the beauty that I might perceive.  Where I’ll find it, I’m not sure.  I suppose I’ll just walk out and stumble upon it.

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